Our approach to sustainability

The purpose of our sustainability model is to establish an action framework regarding the organization’s responsibilities relating to economic, social, and environmental topics. The sustainability model is currently a useful guide to fulfill the mission objectives while also allowing us to maintain the coherence between what is promoted and what is practiced.

ProColombia's strategic vision

The strategic vision of the organization is the fundamental pillar of the sustainability model. It serves as the starting point for generating work plans that lead to the fulfillment of organizational objectives.

Missional commitment

Sustainability policy

We promote sustainability as an attribute of competitiveness

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Our internal commitment

Sustainability policy

We commit ourselves to being an internally sustainable organization, applying sustainability in our processes and being coherent with the practices promoted in our key mission areas.

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Our stakeholders

Mission-focused stakeholders

Business community

Trade sectors and partners

Government entities

Other promotional entities

Mass media


Strategic stakeholders

Team members

Regulatory authority

Advisory board



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