Renewable energy in Colombia

Univergy was stablished in 2012 as the result of the fusion between different organizations with wide experience in renewable energy. Its objective is to offer solutions related with clean energy all around the world, diversifying the energy sources available and using the sustainability as a fundamental pillar in the development of its projects. Its board of directors has more than 20 years of experience in photovoltaic and eolic energy sources, besides energy generation projects and optimization of natural resources.

Univergy arrived in Colombia in 2016, covering the need of power generation caused by “El Niño” phenomenon and creating an alternative to the existing country’s offer. By then, the law 1715 related with the development and the use of non-conventional energy sources, mainly those with renewable characteristics, was approved.

This law seeks that these energy models have an integration with the actual Colombian energy model, reducing the greenhouse emissions and increase the energy supply, among other benefits to the industry and the country.

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