Colombia, feel the rhythm

ProColombia and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, presented on Fitur 2019 “Colombia, feel the rhythm”, the international promotion campaign that seeks increase the number of international travelers who visit our country.

The campaign evolves and maintain the rational of using the Colombian musical heritage for the promotion of the country as an international tourist destination.
It includes 13 musical videos with the participation of 23 Colombian artist. These videos exceed 130 million views in digital platforms such YouTube, Spotify and Deezer, these videos also present different cities like Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Los Llanos Orientales, San Andrés, Amazonas, el Paisaje Cultural Cafetero, La Guajira, el Pacífico Colombiano and Santa Marta. (Watch the videos in

“Colombia, feel the rhythm” highlights the importance of music as a promotion vehicle of tourism through its 1.205 folkloric rhythms grouped in 157 genres, which are divided in the region of Atlántica, Pacifica and Andina, Los Llanos Orientales and Amazonas. This campaign was endorsed in WTM 2018, when ProColombia, the OMT and Sound Diplomacy present the “White book” about music and tourism titled “The music as the new gastronomy”. The document explores the association between music and tourism and analyzes the music potential as a promotion vehicle of international tourism destination; and exposes 17 study cases of countries like Colombia, Croatia England and United States.

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