CO-nectados, Creating synergies for positioning Colombia

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, The Ministry of International Relationships and ProColombia, officially present the program “CO-nectados”, that seeks articulate synergies between these entities to positioning Colombia in the world as an exporter of goods and services, attractive destination for foreign investment and international tourist receiver.

The implementation of this initiative will turn our ambassadors into main characters due to their knowledge related with the needs of different business sectors all over the world, their closeness to the international investor and for the knowledge that they have of Colombian opportunities related with talent, culture, history and creativity.

The strategic plan “CO-nectados” is defined in six objectives focus on:

• Promote at international level the image of Colombia using Country Brand CO.
• Attract higher level of foreign investment.
• Strengthen important topics of export strategy and positioning Colombia as a world class supplier of creative industries.
• Achieve better trade conditions, specially with the country whom we have current Free Trade Agreements and those with potential markets.
• Create actions to ease the internationalization of Colombian companies.
• Attract international tourists, infrastructure investment for Colombian tourism industries and promote the development of our touristic products.

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